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  • In visible light part of the spectrum above 450 nm (all colors but violet) pass 80% to 85% of the light
    to the eye, and thus allow fluorescent indications to be easily seen. While the eye can tolerate
    substantialexposure to 365 nm black light without harm, modern black light inspection practices
    often use intensities that are potentially harmful, if the light beams are reflected into the eyes by
    shiny surfaces for more than adozen minutes a day.

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  • AccuPro TM Plus

    • Unpack and inspect the component(s) for possible
    damage in shipment. Save the shipping carton
    and packing materials for future storing or shipping
    of the AccuPRO components.
    • Assure the sensor cable is undamaged and
    securely attached to the readout unit.
    • Conduct a performance test as soon as possible.
    If any damage is noted, immediately notify the
    carrier and supplier (do not use the instrument).
    • While charging, it is recommended to have the
    device turned OFF.

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  • Magnetic Field Indicator

    The Magnaflux® Magnetic Field Indicators, also known as gauss meters or magnetometers, are used to check residual magnetism after magnetic particle testing. They read the amount of residual magnetism left in a part quickly when the indicator arrow is placed against a magnetized part.

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  • UV Lamp EV6000 Magnaflux

    Minimizes time to inspect parts
    • Speeds up inspection time with one of the
    widest, most even beams on the market
    • Indications are clearly visible even at the
    edge of the 9 inch / 23 cm beam, thanks
    to the high intensity LEDs
    Maximize range of inspections
    • Use for virtually any fluorescent penetrant
    or mag particle inspection
    • Inspect a wide range of components,
    including aerospace parts, without worry
    • Full NDT specification compliance, including
    ASTM E3022, RRES 90061, and AITM6-1001
    Increases real-world reliability
    • Reduces on-the-job downtime with
    dependable, reinforced construction
    • Fully sealed IP65 rate

    • 9 in / 23 cm wide, uniform beam
    • No hot-spots in the beam profile
    • IP65 rated, rugged, durable design
    • No internal fan
    • Low energy consumption
    • Aerospace prime and OEM certified
    • Certified to ASTM / RRES / AITM
    • ASTM E2297
    • ASTM E3022
    • ISO 3059
    • RRES 90061

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  • YOKE Magnaflux UK

    Magnetic Particle Inspection Yokes. Magnaflux magnetic particle inspection (MPItesting yokes are designed to be fast and reliable. … Find out more about how Magnaflux inspection equipment is designed to find indications and defects like fatigue cracks in ferrous materials through wet or dry method mag particle testing.

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