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  • 880 Delta SENTINEl Projector Having strength fo 130

    Discription & Specification: Model 880 series exposure devices are used for industrial applications of gamma radiography, mainly with Iridium-192, to inspect materials and structures in the density range of approximately 2.17 g/cm3 through 8.53g/cm3. Low energy isotopes can be accommodated to permit radiography of materials and structures of thin sections of steel and low-density alloys. The …

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  • Air Filter AF-928M Make: Fleet Guard

    The AF928M Advantage:

    In order to ensure the normal power of the vehicle, the air filter must also ensure adequate air flow while filtering. Clean and sufficient intake is an important condition for achieving ideal power, low fuel consumption and low pollution emission, and is a favorable guarantee for prolonging engine life.

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  • Angle Grinder 4″

    Discription & Specification: Dewalt Angle Grinder – 4 inch & 5inch / Safe Power Switch at Backside in 4inch / Controlled Power Switch at Left Side of Body /1Copyy Proudly Assembled in China / Same as original but A-grade Copied / with a Metal Cutting Disc / All spare parts available

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  • Audco Valve

    Audco Lubricated Plug Valves

    Some basic design advantages such as metal-to-metal seats and wide seating area, have made Audco Lubricated Plug Valves by Serck Audco the product of choice where the valve is operated in a difficult or dirty service and/or needs to be opened against high full Differential Pressure.

    The Robust metal to metal seats ensure long valve life on any service, even in presence of solid particles in the line media.
    Serck Audco Lubrificated Plug Valves are available in Pressure Balanced design (Super-H) and Double Block And Bleed (DIPV & TIPV).

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  • Black Magnetic

    Discription: Black hole jets bent by magnetic fields The large-scale impact of magnetic fields on galaxy clusters has been unclear. Images from the MeerKAT radio telescope suggest that such fields can bend jets of particles ejected from massive black holes in galaxy clusters.

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  • Canon L-170 Fax Machine

    Discription & Specification: The Power to Fax, Print and Copy with Speed The performance of a laser facsimile and a laser printer, with the speed that today’s businesses demand. With state-of-the-art fax capabilities and a 19 page-per-minute printer, this space saving business machine is the ideal choice to replace your old ink jet or thermal …

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  • Cartridge Filter with Housing

    Bag filter housing is a kind of new filter. There are some filter bags supported by stainless steel basket, slurry will be transported into filter from inlet, and passed through the filter bag, then get out from the outlet. The residues are intercepted by filter bag. The filter can repeat to use it by changing the …

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  • Cartridge Filter with Housing

    Discription and Specification Our Cartridge Filter Housing Universal Filtration manufactures a wide range of cartridge filter housings to meet your needs for liquid filtration. Our cartridge filter housings are designed to be excellent for use in the filtration of liquids in various industries. We manufacture both single core and multi-core cartridge housings, and are modifiable …

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  • Centrifugal Feed Pump

    Discription & Specification: GNG Series Centrifuge feed pump is a positive displacement pump, also called screw pump. The GNG positive displacement pump is an ideal pump for feeding to decanter centrifuge without shearing or agitating the drilling mud. The main parts are screw shaft (rotor) and screw shaft bushing (stator). Because of the special geometry …

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  • Crush Floor Cleaning

    Floor cleaning enhances overall impression of facility either its home, office, warehouse or manufacturing facility, floors always tell the story on their own. ECO Services offers floor cleaning solutions according to the needs of industrial manufacturing units, from normal dirty floors to extra dirty ones.

    Manufacturing Units Floor Cleaning

    Manufacturing units surely engage in daily cleaning along with scheduled deep cleaning, but still floors need more detailing with more expertise, professional chemicals and heavy equipment. Deep cleaning cannot be performed without professional products and equipment. ECO Services ensures best possible results by using following methods.

    1. High Pressure Washing: We use extremely high pressure washer up to 5000 Psi which hits all corners of the floor. It is not possible with scrubbers to clean unreachable portions of the space and gradually there are more deposits of dirt, and structural damages bring in more bacteria and pest load in these portions.
    2. Floor Scrubbing: Scrubbing is compulsory to enhance cleaning look. In 2 nd stage we scrub floor with chemical to enhance overall floor look and improve sanitation. In this process, we use scrubbing machines, chemicals, workers to quickly clean and make it ready for processing.
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  • Cyclone Preseparator

    Discription & Specification: item number13050 Height235,0 cm Inlet diameter200 mm Exhaust diameter200 mm Weight:100,0 kg Type of dust collectionCollection bin Type of filtrationCyclonic without filter Sump volume100 liter Length70,0 cm Width70,0 cm

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